Stylish restaurant with a patio will surprise you with its environment and selection of varrious meals. We focus on classic homely cuisine, just like our mothers are cooking.

Local specialities

Osrbliansky Stromník or Osrbliansky Drevník

Traditional preparation of this kind of cake goes back far into the past. It belongs to the Trdelník type of cake, but every country has its own original way of preparing the dough. They all have one preparation step in common and that’s weaving the dough on the special greased wooden roller called “trdlo” which is hung over the fire or over smouldering coal. In Slovakia, the product of this tradition is called Trdelník and it’s made of raised dough.
We Slovaks decided to add another member to this family of amazing cake and that’s Osbliansky Stromník or Osrbliansky Drevník. We in our hotel make the dish in a slightly improved way and therefore our hotel is the only place where you can savour this awesome cake.

Homemade steamed bread dumplings

Have a slightly untraditional taste of our homemade steamed dumplings. Besides classic bread dumplings we offer you even special brands. We used our culinary imagination and enriched those kinds with variety of ingredients and fillings. That’s how the new delicious side dishes were created.

  • original homemade steamed dumpling
  • graham homemade steamed dumpling with flax seeds
  • herb homemade steamed dumpling
  • homemade steamed dumpling with potato filling
  • spinach homemade steamed dumpling
  • homemade steamed dumpling with mushrooms
  • homemade steamed dumpling with bacon and onion
  • yellow corn homemade steamed dumpling
  • homemade steamed dumpling with plumb jam

You may make your order on a phone number +421 903 201 778. We deliver on every Wednesday and every Saturday.


We also offer organisation of various family celebrations, baptism celebrations, proms and other group events, celebrations and meetings.
We prepared for you a package of ceremonial meals, services and decorations which facilitate the preparation of your wedding. You can create your own package according to your individual taste and choice, all in the comforts of your home.

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