Rekreačné poukazy



Ski resort Srdiečko-Kosodrevina-Chopok South is located in the central part of Nízke Tatry mointain range, on south slopes of 2.204 m high mountain Chopok, at the rear of Bystrianska lowland, 18 km north from town of Podbrezová and 27 km from Osrblie. Along with ski resort Chopok North, which is connected to Chopok South, they form the biggest ski and tourist resort in Slovakia. It’s accessible by car and by a bus. The center provides remarkable conditions for skiing even for the very demanding skiers. Slopes are located from 1.080 to 2.000 meters above the sea level. Skiing season lasts averagely for 120 days. There are 6 marked skiing slopes in the resort, which are regularly cultivated along with the summer hiking routes and paths.

If you would like to spend your time alone, away from noisy recreational resorts, and you are willing to experience typical Slovak rural area with dense and vast forests, country sides and pastures, to see small homesteads and narrow terrace fields, to sleep in a wooden cottage, to drink from wells, to eat raspberries and collect mushrooms, put on your best walking shoes and set out on marked hiking routes Poľany and Veporské vrchy which offer all of the above. Picturesque and unique countryside of Veporské vrchy, Podpoľanie and Nízke Tatry is densely covered with network of marked hiking routes which make sights of the region accessible to tourists and hiking enthusiasts who love nice and clean environment. All it takes to embark on these new adventures is to realistically judge your stamina.

Dobročský prales


We do have a tip for you. Your desire for the forest smell will be fulfilled by Dobročský prales, which is a remarkable display of the original Carpathian primeval forest.

Open-air museum of forestry


Open-air museum of forestry is located in Vydrovská valley near Čierny Balog (25 km). It’s building is a graphic answer to many questions which have legitimately been raised by the public in reference to the most valuable nature riches of our country. As a picture says more than a thousand words, we decided to present the connections of our work to you right in the forest. Along the three kilometers long “path of forest time” there are nowadays 48 check-points, which offers you revealing sights on life-giving abilities of the forest thanks to the many interesting exhibits and mainly thanks to natural forest outposts. Vivid displays from history, present days and future of forestry will surely spark your interest. Natural handworks of international group of eco-art artists complement the area very impressively.



An abundance of asphalt, dirt and forest tracks are foundation for exploration of natural sights of this region, its uniqueness, typical homestead settlements and elements of folk architecture along with interesting trivia of life in the local cities and villages. You can find many cycling routes from which some of the most well-known can be found on the Ďumbier cyclist club website

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